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Our Story

We tried being employed advisers.

We tried being self-employed through a traditional dealer group.
It was all too hard, too expensive and ultimately affected the advice we could give.

Instead we decided to create a modern AFSL that solved the problems we were (and are) having as advisers. We’re aiming for efficient, common sense compliance. We don’t want a percentage of your business; so we’ve decided to stick with reasonable, fixed fees. And we’re sure you understand when we say… we have an APL “without an agenda”.

Are you an Adviser looking to join Beryllium Advisers?

Common-Sense Compliance

Fortnightly Remuneration

Reasonable, Fixed Fees

Community Sized AFSL

Local Directors

Technology Driven

Adviser Run

No AFSL % Split

Month to Month CAR Agreements

Our Licensing Solutions:

  • Become a ‘self-employed’ adviser without starting from scratch

  • Use an ‘Established Brand’ from day one
  • Client ownership as a % split
  • Your licensing fee as a % split
  • No fixed expenses
  • No expensive start-up costs (web, brand, licensing etc)
  • Ability to transition into your own business no AFSL change
  • Piggy-back off another advisers pricing, processes, lead gen
  • Coaching in any required advice areas
  • All the other benefits of being on a modern license
  • Positions currently available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide

  • Percentage splits & Ownership Negotiable

  • The benefits of: being self-licensed and using a dealer group in one solution

  • Your AFSL (we can assist in application)
  • You own 100% of your clients
  • You control 100% of your clients
  • All remuneration sent directly to your AFSL bank account
  • We can tailor a support package to include what you need:
  • Set up with Monitoring bodies (AFCA etc)
  • Processes & AFSL Policies
  • ASIC Communication
  • Committee Meeting Management
  • APL management
  • Breach Reporting
  • Authorising CAR/ARs
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Vetting, SOA Audits
  • CPD Monitoring & Assistance
  • Remuneration Management
  • ASIC Financial Audits
  • Produce Provider negotiations & agreements

  • Management Fee tailored to what services you require. Suited to an advice business with a turnover of $500k+

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